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Call 855-280-2578 for complete details
Offering Fiber and Non Fiber High Speed Internet options.

man checking mobile device
Fiber Option

Take your online experience to the next level.

  • 100% fiber-optic network
  • Stream HD and 4K content from every device in the house.
  • Symmetrical speeds and unlimited data (940 Mbps only).
  • Boost your gaming with virtually no lag.
  • 99.9% reliability* (based on uptime and availability).
  • Work from home or attend class virtually.
  • Stream video on multiple devices at the same time, with in-home WiFi.
Non-Fiber Option
  • Work from home, shop and pay bills online with ease.
  • Work from home or attend class virtually.
  • Stay connected to family and friends as much as you like.
  • Save mobile data on your devices with in-home WiFi.
  • Freely move from room to room with in-home WiFi.
  • Access news, entertainment and more on your connected devices.
Sign up today and get Price For Life
  • Keep your rate for as long as you keep your plan.
  • No rate hikes. Your monthly rate stays the same.
  • No contract. No rate hikes. No bundling.
  • No bundling needed.
  • No cancellation fee.